Маски рапирные FIE 1600 Н

Маска рапирная FIE 1600 H, Негрини

Маска рапирная FIE 1600 H, Негрини. Щип в комплекте.
Крепления старые.
Производство: Италия.

FIE/CE 1600N FOIL Mask, with NEW ELECTRIC BIB. The high resistance (>1600N) bib has been partially covered with electric material as per new F.I.E. requirements. Connection to the electric jacket is through 2 crocodile clips on a length of el. wire to be attached to one of the 2 flaps (RH or LH) inside the bib. Special AISI 304 stainless-steel INDESTRUCTIBLE wire-mesh thanks to the double inter-twining of the wires. Col.: BLACK.

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