Маски шпажные FIE 1600 H

Маска шпажная FIE 1600 H со стеклом, Негрини

Маска шпажная FIE 1600 H со стеклом, Негрини. Производство: Италия.

FIE/CE Mask 1600N with transparent Polycarbonate® visor. Wire mesh in special stainless-steel (AISI 304 ) with double compensating crimping. Bib in special, high resistance fabric with Dyneema®. The New thermally-shaped visor, offer a larger visual field, allows the athlete 100% visibility with no tiring of the eyes. It is made of 3 mm. thick polycarbonate® and has the following characteristics - Extremely high shock resistance - Can be thermally-shaped - High resistance to abrasion (thanks to protective hardcoating on External side) - Excellent transparency - No-fogging (thanks to PERMANENT PATENTED anti-fog treatment). The special PRESSURE system for attaching the visor to the holding frame means the visor has no perforations. This avoids possible weakness points, and allows easy replacement in case of impaired vision due to scratches. FIE M2005 Approved.

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