Катушки-сматыватели и шнуры к ним

Короб для катушки-сматывателя, Фаверо

Sub-floor box for fencing reel
In few seconds the reel can be extracted and fixed above the sub-floor box cover or reinserted in the same, leaving free the floor for other activities.
To avoid the shifting of the reel, the sub-floor box cover has two suitable holes to insert the two detents made of two screws with a couple of nuts on each one, fixed on the bottom of the reel. Such Detents are provided with the sub-floor box and they must be screwed on the bottom of the reel replacing the two front closing screws.
Inside the sub-floor box there is an adhesive cable tie holder on which fixing, by the suitable cable tie, the cable that connect the device to the reel: set it up at about 20cm from the 3 pin plug. The surplus of cable, should be blocked on a internal sidewall of the sub-floor box using other adhesive cable tie holders, so that it could not bother the insertion or extraction of the reel.
Sturdy cover made out in grey PVC and bottom in aluminium.
Total dimensions: 45 x 45 x 12.5cm, 5.3kg

Цена: 16 720 RUB

Цена может отличаться от цен в розничном магазине!

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