Перчатки фехтовальные рапирные/шпажные

Перчатка моющаяся, серо-голубая, ПБТ

Перчатка моющаяся универсальная, серо-голубая, ПБТ.
Распродаем остатки. Остались размеры: 10,5 правая и левая, 11 правая.

Fencing washable glove PBT BLUE/GREY. Reinforced strength with comfort. Suitable for all three weapons.
Made of strong artificial leather.
Padding across the back of the hand and all the fingers for extra protection.
Suitable for men and women hands as well.
Cuff: made of 50% polyester, 50% cotton, stretch rubber on the inside for extra flexibility, velcro
Cuff conforms the 350 N FIE protection standards.
Hand-washable in 30°C warm water.

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