Кроссовки фехтовальные

Кроссовки фехтовальные низкие, Ду-вин

Кроссовки фехтовальные низкие, Ду-вин. Маломерки. Покупают на один размер больше. Производство: Китай.
Размер по стельке:
рр 35 - 22,5 см
рр 36 - 23,5 см
рр 37 - 24 см
рр 38 - 24,5 см

Fencing shoes. Model for professionals and beginners with strengthened heel and sole.
Upper: made of natural cow leather and synthetic fibre, mesh panels ensures excellent thermoregulation and high comfort of use, extra forefoot cushioning softens each step while the reinforced medial and upper collar adds durability.
Sole: made of special EVA rubber which is flat, with additional protection (particularly on the heel), excellent amortization in the front part of the sole, tread pattern gives maximal grip.
This is a classic fencing shoes model suitable for any age and weapon regardless of fencer's experience level.

Please be careful when choosing the correct European shoe size (EUR) to purchase. If uncertain, measure your foot length and compare it against the sizing chart below.

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